Cost-effective new Infinity QX50 engine

The Japanese Infinity brand has introduced a new engine. The engine will be on board the next-generation QX50 and will be extremely cost effective. Its technology will allow as much as 27 percent to reduce fuel consumption.

Many car manufacturers are increasingly striving to reduce fuel consumption in their vehicles. This is usually achieved by the downsizing method, which is to reduce the displacement of the drive units and increase their power through the turbocharger. This is not a good direction, because such an engine can and burn less, but it is more exerted, and this affects the vitality of the individual.

Infiniti’s Infiniti, however, has a slightly different concept and has just introduced a new VC-T drive unit that will be installed in the next-generation QX50 crossover. It uses an automatic stroke piston adjustment system that optimizes the compression ratio for a specific task. The system will lower the compression rate when we go on the road and we will need a higher power engine and raise it when we travel around the city or we will find that we want to go more economically.

The new unit has 268 hp and a torque of 390 Nm. Equipped with such a QX50 engine will burn 27 percent, less fuel from the 3.5-liter gasoline V6 engine. The engine has only four cylinders and is smaller and lighter than the drives. Still, its performance is not at all worse than the V6 engines.