Helicopter for everyone? We check the market of used machines

Corks in our country from year to year are becoming increasingly problematic, but there is a very simple cure – it is possible to replace the car on the helicopter. This is not a cheap toy, but some models can be purchased for the price of a well-equipped mid-range car, so we decided to look at the market of used machines of this type.

With help came the International Aircraft Exchange, which you will find in the source. It turned out that the cheapest used helicopters can be bought at the price of a good car. However, such “pretty decent” is the expenditure of 2-3 apartments in the capital.

Of course these are not machines for everyone, but more and more people can afford this type of expense, especially if we consider lightweight and ultra lightweight helicopters. Unfortunately, with used machines, the problem is often the place of sale. Most of them have been put up for sale in the USA, France or Germany. But there are no shortage of places like Jordan, Papua and New Guinea.

See our brief summary of the ten most popular machines available on the secondary market. You may choose to buy one of them yourself😉

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