How to choose epilator?

Spring fully, and summer ahead. The only household appliances that will provide smooth legs are the epilators. What to buy Let’s look at three top brands and their top models. Forget, however, that there is one whose use does not hurt. Producers should be treated with a grain of salt because it depends more on the type of hair than on the ideas used.

Panasonic ES-WD72-P

It is distinguished by the possibility of wet depilation. It is waterproof, and under the influence of warm water, our blood vessels expand and open the pores of the skin. The body is more relaxed and the epilation is a little nicer. You do not have to be afraid of electric shock, there is not enough in this device to make anything wrong.

The main socket has three discs, with 48 tweezers, the most on the market. They are located close together, thus reducing the number of jerky in one area. So less pain and faster end of the surgery. The epilator managed to do well with short hair, and he had ripped off all that.

The kit comes with a typical shaving head with a bikini comb. Useful element, however, this treatment can be done with old methods still used by our grandmothers. You know, and the guys have nothing to do with it …

Panasonic also took care of the epilator for the bikini area and armpits. Unfortunately, the flat head and the places where the skin bends, you have to stretch to achieve the desired effect. It hurts terribly, but then we have peace for even three weeks.

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Braun Silk Epil 7 Dual

After epilation we often need to use a regular shaver to remove the rest of the small hair. Braun produced a Gillette Venus depilator. The legs are perfectly smooth just after the surgery, but unfortunately those hairs that have been “cut off” will still grow in two or three days. There is nothing to be charming, shaved hair when growing back, are very prickly.

My opinion is this: either “we catapult” the depilator, or we use a shaver. Since this is a prong piece, it is hard to tell how the epilator pulls short hairs. However, 40 tweezers should perfectly deal with all hair. The undoubted advantage of this device is: a horizontally movable head, whose deviation is 15 degrees. This makes the gadget better suited to the shape of the body. The SmartLight light similarly brightens the legs as daylight, which makes the epilated hair look very well. An hourly charge is enough for half an hour. If you do not moan and do not make breaks, this time will be enough. Can be used in warm water.

Philips HP6578

It’s actually the whole kit for getting rid of hair. Main epilator, armpit and bikini minidepilator and tweezers with single hair clip. The basic unit has the widest head and pulls out most of the hair at one time. The head is rotatable and perfectly adapted to the shape of the body. To get rid of small and short hair, we must unfortunately do some strokes. Brrrr. To improve the effect, Philips has used the OptiLight light to see all micro-italian. This sight led me to “crazy”, it seemed to me that depilation can not see the end.

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Surprisingly, the minidepilator, which subtly pulled the Italian from the bikini area, turned out to be astonishing. It is slightly “concave”, and it is an advantage in sensitive places, but not all, under the armpits because of bending he did much worse. This is better to use a regular head.

After cosmetic procedures related to hair removal, hair growth is a common problem. This can be prevented using a tweezers. The light in the tweezet is useful for adjusting the eyebrows or for removing hair from the face. Hourly battery charge allows 40 minutes of operation. Unfortunately it is not waterproof. Soak and wash only the detachable head.

The pain level of each epilator was the same. As smooth skin remained for 3 weeks. Pulling your hair in the water is fun, but we do not always have time to sit in the tub or shower for at least half an hour. Damage to the water, which is still cooling down.