Ransomware Ranscam will delete our files

The most dangerous kind of software today is ransomware, which attacks almost every platform and is not safe from it, not just computer users but mobile devices. Currently the most dangerous ransomware is Ranscam, because it works completely different than other such software.

The ransomware operation is always the same, the software encrypts us specific files or the entire disk, and then displays a message with a ransom request on the screen. After paying the requested amount, usually in Bitcoins, we receive a code restoring our data. Fortunately, thanks to the efforts of developers from all over the world, more and more tools are available to decrypt blocked files without paying criminals.

Not all ransomware is easy to handle. Especially that, some are very insidious like Ranscam. Theoretically, it works just like any other ransomware, which blocks files, demanding no ransom. Instead, instead of encrypting them, they are deleted immediately. A computer user is therefore twice as lucrative as not only losing money, but also recovering files.

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