We dry our heads

During the winter hard to live without her. For more than fifty years, it works the same way. It helps not only to dry but to lay down. This friend of the hair must have some essential basic qualities, and additional bracelets also prove useful.


Despite the half-century tradition of dryers, construction and interior have not changed, they are only improved. The form has to be adjusted to the palm of your hand. The enclosure houses a windmill motor and a heating coil that heats the air. The most important is the power with which our device operates. Grandmothers had some 300 watts at their disposal. We can even have 2000 more, so your head will be dry faster. My hair goes back to the blades, neither thin nor thick. And on that type of hair, the autopsy suggests that the device should have 1600 Watts at least. Below this value, you can descend at shoulder length. Either way, with everyday hair drying, these quickly break down and their ends especially. Therefore, you should think of additional features in the dryer.

Drying with ionization

What’s with this ionization It’s like the air after the storm, clean and pleasant. Many dryers on the market have air ionizers. They produce negative charges that neutralize the positive ones on the hair. In this fairly simple way, the hair is smoothed less electrified and better arranged. Ionization at first glance sounds like a pure marketing trick to convince you to buy specific equipment. But it just works flawlessly. I give it my own hand. By using an ionizer dryer, I cut the ends much less often than I did drying my hair at home without ionizing. Unfortunately, this function does not have the simplest dryer. They are available in higher models. Philips outside the ionizer has equipped its products with ceramic elements that emit infrared heat and this protects the hair from drying out. It’s an extra boost but you can get around it. Braun’s biggest antagonist of the previous manufacturer has similar solutions. In addition, he reduced the drying temperature to 70 degrees. Of course there are several levels of speed and temperature. Such equipment will be of use to every woman, and especially ladies who are complaining every day about leeching and unwinding thick hair. With the rest of the ionization effect can be seen immediately after the first drying of the hair. So I suggest to check with my own head.

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We stand, we place

Let’s not be charming. All treatments we test the hair to the limits of endurance. First the dryer then curling or straightener. Probably because of this, equipment manufacturers produce everything that makes “harvesters”. Let’s start with Rowdy Hair straightener. Such two in one, which is intended to create a simple hairstyle reducing the amount of equipment that extinguish the heat. You should catch the strand in the “grippers” and thus it will be straightened and dried at the same time. The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčland is great. However, in order for this device to work you should have quite prone hair. If you have uncontrolled, dense locks or you are a negro buy and a hairdryer and straightener. The sensational thing is the Lissima Clip Press system. He catches his hair almost at the root. In this respect, the gadget is better than a few straighteners. In practice I prefer a traditional hair iron. It is easier to operate in less visible places such as the back of the head. Maybe it’s just a matter of habit. Provided that the hind legs were straight, the time I needed to get out of the house was reduced by 15 minutes.

Your hair is falling like a peg and you are dreaming of your locks? Or you like it so simple, but you would give them more form. Buy a “combine”. I checked the rotary curler, which also straightens the Babyliss brand. When it comes to drying, nothing works like a classic dryer anyway. How to straighten your hair comfortably dry it, so much placement is in practice heavier. When my hair was a little dry, I could not help myself with the rotation of the brush, which screwed a little and pulled my hair. Loki, however, was like Farrah Fawcett. This device has a power of 1000 watts, the function of ionizing air and just as well locates just as well straighteners. Babyliss’s additional success is the use of wild boar bristle brushes. When you turn on the “dryer” for a few seconds and move it over your hair and complete the action with cold air, the hairstyle becomes silky and soft. Generally grazing equipment.